The future development of polymer waterproofing membranes is huge

The 3rd Polymer Waterproof Coil Industry Development Seminar was jointly organized by China Building Waterproof Magazine, China Building Materials Science Research Institute Suzhou Waterproof Research Institute and Qingdao University of Science and Technology. The director of the Suzhou Waterproof Research Institute, the president of the China National Building Materials Research Institute, said at the third seminar on the development of the polymer waterproofing membrane industry in recent days, "in the blueprint for the development of the waterproof industry in the new era, it is more durable and environmentally friendly. Polymer waterproofing membranes have received extensive attention. Polymer waterproofing membranes such as TPO, PVC, EPDM and HDPE have been used more and more in large-span roofing, important public buildings, tunnels and underground engineering, urban underground pipe corridors and other fields. It has become an important force to lead the technological progress of the industry and achieve industrial upgrading."

At the seminar, China Railway Research Institute, China Academy of Engineering, Beijing Urban Construction Design and Development Group Co., Ltd., Qingdao Municipal Design Institute, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Qingdao Metro Group, Soprima, Sika Infiltration, Xinda Luxin, etc. Experts, scholars and related technical personnel of scientific research institutions, universities, construction units, design units, and material production units have conducted in-depth discussions on key factors affecting the quality and quality of polymer waterproofing membrane products.

Qingdao University of Science and Technology is the earliest university in China to conduct polymer research. According to Qiu Guixue, a professor at Qingdao University of Science and Technology, the polymer waterproof material has high strength, good low temperature flexibility, high elongation and strong adaptability, and solves the problem that the traditional waterproof material is prone to cracking, thus ensuring waterproof quality; polymer waterproof material Corrosion resistance, aging resistance, long service life, general synthetic polymer waterproof membranes have a durability of more than 10 years.

Qiu Guixue said that in the production of polymer waterproofing membranes, the coils can be obtained in various colors by adding pigments, which can also play a decorative role while waterproofing.

In addition, the production process of polymer waterproof materials is less polluting, can achieve green manufacturing, can be cold construction, in line with the national environmental protection orientation.

There are many people who share the same views with Qiu Guixue. During the meeting, some representatives told reporters that the country is now very strict with environmental protection. Some asphalt-based waterproof enterprises have been reported by local residents because the emissions are not up to standard; some have stopped production and rectification, and installed environmental protection equipment; some have been punished by government departments. I have to close the door. The polymer waterproof membrane is a waterproof product encouraged by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The production of polymer waterproofing materials is relatively green and environmentally friendly. In the future, there will be more room for development of environmentally friendly polymer waterproofing membranes with good weather resistance and environmental friendliness.

“The waterproof concept and construction technology of pre-packaged polymer waterproofing membrane is beneficial to its application in subway waterproofing.” Hu Yonghong, a professor-level senior engineer of Beijing Urban Construction Design and Development Group Co., Ltd., said that polymer is used in the construction of open cut method. Waterproof material, the concept of pre-laying anti-sticking is matched with the structural method. It can be used for wet base construction, environmental protection, durability and climate adaptability of polymer waterproofing membrane, which is conducive to subway construction. In the construction of the mining method, compared with the traditional waterproof board, many polymer waterproof materials are welded and constructed, which is beneficial to reduce drowning.

Problems affecting the development of polymer waterproof materials

Although polymer waterproof material is a promising material, its development has many problems.

Liu Junguang, deputy general manager of Shandong Xinda Luxin Waterproof Material Co., Ltd. said that at present, low-cost competition and high-quality waterproof materials in the polymer waterproof material market are not used; low-end products occupy the market, and some products are technically produced and equipped with backward equipment. The quality level of domestic low-grade products needs to be improved; the construction quality is not standardized, which causes engineering quality problems, which makes the market question the PVC waterproof materials such as PVC, which makes the company very headache.

Wu Jingde, chairman of the Single-layer Roofing Branch of China Building Waterproof Association and chairman of Shandong Sida Building Systems Co., Ltd., believes that in the implementation of the project, the supply of engineering management personnel and laborers is insufficient, labor costs are increased; Unable to be independent, and most of the laborers in the construction of polymer waterproof materials are mainly in Shandong, too concentrated; lack of skills training, mainly self-learning by the labor force, lack of continuous scale training; different materials and systems, different processes It should be treated differently; the cost of quality problems is extremely high.

Hu Yonghong also pointed out a lot of problems in the construction of polymer waterproofing materials that she found on the construction site: the long-edge bonding of the pre-packaged polymer waterproofing membrane is not strong, the long-side mechanical fixing is defective, and the pre-packaged polymer waterproofing membrane and The transition problem of the waterproof layer of the roof, the pre-laying polymer waterproofing membrane can not be used for the post-laying construction, the apparent problem, the pile deviation causes the lap joint of the recessed portion to be opened when the concrete is poured.

Experts give development tips for polymer waterproof materials

Qiu Guixue proposed the development of new PVC waterproofing membrane: the improvement of PVC resin matrix; the selection of high-quality plasticizer, the high-molecular-weight, non-volatile or less volatile high-quality plasticizer is widely used abroad to solve the problem of plasticizer migration. PVC alloy, using a special compounding system, can improve the function of waterproofing membrane and limit the migration of plasticizer; the choice of high quality light stabilizer; fiber or fabric reinforcement.

Li Song, general manager of Jiangsu Ryder Building Materials Co., Ltd. believes that polymer waterproofing material manufacturers and construction physique quality assurance services should be promoted; homogenous integrated products, excellent UV resistance and longer life; self-adhesive vapor barrier Improve the anti-corrosion performance of the screw, solve the gas leakage defects of the nail hole and the lap joint; control the damage of the rock wool debris to the human body and the environment, and cure the welding quality hazard caused by the rock wool debris; no electromagnetic welding fixed by the piercing, the force is more uniform The seam is more reliable; the suspension joint welding, the seam welding is safer; the "smart" detects every leak point and pinhole of the roof.

Zheng Zhao, general manager of Guangdong Xintao New Material Technology Co., Ltd. believes that the higher the compatibility of hot melt adhesive, sheet and sand, the better the performance of waterproof coil. He pointed out that the influencing factors of the process in the production of polymer waterproof materials are: uneven coating of rubber layer; mixed with other glue; high temperature and long time melting glue (melting speed and coating speed; sand coverage; sheet) The effect of uniformity of material mixing on sheet stress and surface energy during extrusion; the sizing surface of the sheet (front and back); suitable sanding roller pressure (sand embedded in the rubber layer 1/2).

Wu Jingde told reporters that in order to improve the quality of polymer waterproofing engineering, it is necessary to have a systematic thinking, considering the whole problem from materials, technology, design, installation and construction, and supporting. At the same time, it is necessary to carry out the transformation of the entire industrial chain, including production equipment, product formula design, application technology, construction technology, equipment, services, vocational education and training.

Hu Yonghong made recommendations on the engineering application of polymer waterproofing materials. She believes that at the same time as the introduction of new material specifications, there should be technical standards and requirements for matching materials construction technology; there should be an apparent definition of materials, which is convenient for bidding and on-site identification; and vigorously develop supporting materials for polymer materials, with a focus on details, and The quality can be controlled; the acceptance and acceptance specifications are improved, the acceptance items are matched with the material specifications; the new polymer materials suitable for the construction of the external defense of the subway are developed; the feasibility study of assembling the station is carried out, and the feasibility of assembling the polymer waterproof material is studied. .

Zhu Zhiyuan, deputy general manager of China Building Materials Inspection and Certification Group Suzhou Co., Ltd., gave a direction suggestion for the development of polymer waterproof materials. He believes that the research of polymer waterproofing materials should be carried out in five aspects: main material, self-adhesive, anti-stick protection, lap joint, joint treatment and protective layer. For example, the main material should have higher impact puncture resistance and softer, and good adhesion to self-adhesive. The main choice of plastic products is HDPE, which is characterized by high strength, especially hard, and poor adhesion to self-adhesive interface. It is better to use flexible materials such as LDPE. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene material can be selected, and the multi-layer cross-laminated film with special molding method is used as the main material, which is stronger and thinner and softer, and meets the impact puncture resistance.

Liu Junguang believes that in order to improve the overall quality level of polymer waterproofing materials, it is necessary to strengthen industry self-discipline, introduce advanced equipment, professional technical talents, increase investment in research and development, and actively develop high-performance polymer waterproofing membranes; Materials, constantly improve product application technology; strengthen construction management and engineering system services. At the same time, the project quality assurance period system and engineering insurance are introduced.

Yan Yongzhen, vice president of China Building Waterproof Association, told reporters that various products of polymer waterproof materials still have large or small defects, but the entire polymer products are going up, and the momentum is very good. In the industrial upgrading, the most important thing is to improve product quality, increase scale, and improve production efficiency; quality will go up, scale will rise, and production costs will fall accordingly, which will be more and more widely accepted.

The country's environmental protection requirements are becoming more and more strict, and the green environmental protection and energy-saving characteristics of the polymer waterproofing membrane in the process of production, construction and use have made the enterprises with environmental protection pressure see a new investment direction. Polymer waterproofing membranes will become the main battlefield for industrial upgrading.

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