Nano-waterproof coating technology, put on "waterproof clothing" for electronic products

Water is a natural enemy of electronic products. After most electronic products encounter water, their performance is seriously degraded and even cannot be used. Waterproofing is one of the key and difficult technologies that consumer electronics products need to solve. Using waterproof technology can not only reduce the repair rate of products, but also be a highlight of product sales.

Regarding waterproofing, the first thing people think of is a waterproof watch. Someone asked: The waterproof watch can not only waterproof and splash, but also can prevent the dial from entering the water under the pressure of 50 meters and 100 meters. Isn't the waterproof product already available? Why is waterproofing a difficult technology for electronic products?

"This waterproof is not waterproof." Since the watch has fewer internal parts and external contacts, it can be waterproofed by means of sealing.

Consumer electronics such as mobile phones are different. On the one hand, there are many electronic devices inside. On the other hand, it also has functions such as signal communication, sound transmission, and photographic imaging. These functions lead to the need for multiple parts of the consumer electronics to the outside world. open. These open parts make electronic product sealing very difficult and costly. In addition, consumer electronic products are prone to bumps during use, and the seals are prone to gaps after the bumps, which cause water to easily enter the interior of the electronic product, causing malfunction or inability to use.

If there is a mobile phone, when it falls into the water, and the screen and the battery are separated, in this case it can still be used normally, you will not be excited about this technology, you will not feel the development of black technology ?

Nano-waterproof coating technology, put a layer of “nano waterproof clothing” on the surface of circuit boards and electronic devices. This ultra-thin “waterproof clothing” has waterproof, protective and heat-dissipating functions, and has interface conductivity and signal transmission. And sound transmission is not affected.

Put on the "nano waterproof suit" mobile phone and electronic products, no longer afraid of rain, juice splashing, water, and falling into the pool. Can you imagine a scene in the bathroom with a Bluetooth headset listening to music and a mobile phone call in the pool? These are not dreams, nano-coating technology can be achieved.

Of course, it is not easy to realize the structural design, mass production and yield of 99.999% of the nano-coating, and it is necessary to solve many key technologies in the preparation equipment and material process. Including: fully automatic integrated design and online monitoring technology, flow field and temperature field uniformity control technology, planetary gantry adaptive rotation technology, plasma field, electric field, chemical field optimization fusion technology; monomer functional group synthesis and regulation Technology and coating multi-scale structural control technology.

Recently, the Ningbo Institute of Materials of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has made a series of progress in the field of nano-coating.

In terms of equipment, researchers have developed a series of low-temperature plasma nano-coating equipment to solve problems in coating production efficiency, quality, uniformity, yield and cost performance. In the nano-coating process, researchers have overcome the single-function synthesis and control technology and coating multi-scale structure control technology, and built a multi-scale gradient nano-coating system to solve the waterproof, protective and heat dissipation, wave permeability, The contradiction of continuity. At the same time, researchers have developed and produced a series of waterproof nano-coating equipment for different market needs.

At present, the nano-coating preparation technology developed by Ningbo Materials has been widely used in high-end mobile phones and drones, automobiles, marine engineering and other fields. The related results have broken through the monopoly of foreign technology and formed a series of technologies with independent intellectual property rights. The comprehensive index of related technologies is leading the domestic and foreign similar enterprises, reaching the international advanced level, and the market share in the field of waterproof coating of electronic products ranks first in the country and the world.

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