What are the waterproof materials for the bathroom?

What is the most waterproof material for bathroom renovation? What are the materials used for waterproofing? Which is better? Next, and listen to Guangrao County Jiangrui waterproof material.

There are 6 kinds of commonly used waterproof materials. It is necessary to compare the advantages and disadvantages of each. To sum up: polyurethane waterproof coatings and cement slurry waterproof materials, the most popular.

1. Cement slurry bathroom waterproofing material: This is an emerging waterproof material. It is reasonably priced and has a very good waterproof effect. It is a very popular bathroom waterproofing material.

2, acrylic bathroom waterproof material: colorless and odorless, through the material of the conjunctiva to achieve waterproof purposes, it has good ductility and flexibility, is also a good bathroom waterproof material. However, the cost of such materials is relatively high, so be careful when choosing.


3, polymer polymer bathroom waterproof material: also has good ductility and flexibility, and does not have any color and taste, very environmentally friendly, but it also has shortcomings, it can not collide with any items, otherwise it will lead to waterproof film Broken and leaking. And the price of waterproof materials for such toilets will be higher.

4, polyurethane waterproof coating: mainly liquid, it is divided into two types of tar type and non-tar type. Non-tar type coating is the most commonly used bathroom waterproofing material on the market. The material has stable quality, low pollution, good aging resistance, good adhesion and water absorption.

5, cement mortar bathroom waterproof coating: This is a special adhesive (a bit like special glue) mixing and blending fine cement and sand dust.

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