Waterproof membrane function and classification

Waterproof membranes can be used on roofs or walls of houses to cope with rainy days, and can also be used on roads to prevent groundwater leakage. Waterproof membrane is the first barrier to achieve waterproof function between foundation and building and plays a very important role.

The waterproof membrane has good water resistance. It is not deformed in water or after being soaked in water. It is impervious to water and does not absorb water. It is also required that it does not change its properties due to temperature, that is, it does not melt at high temperatures, does not blister, and does not crack at low temperatures. To have extensibility and flexibility, it will not break under a certain pressure, and it will remain flexible in a low temperature environment. This can ensure that the construction process is not affected by temperature, and the flexibility can also ensure that it is not in a low temperature environment. fracture.

Water-soluble construction powder adhesive.

Waterproof coils should have atmospheric stability, that is, they are not affected by sunlight, heat and other media. They can resist erosion and maintain long-term performance. They are generally expressed by anti-aging ability. In general, synthetic polymer waterproofing membranes are better than asphalt waterproofing materials, but the cost is higher. The asphalt waterproofing membrane has self-adhesive modified asphalt SBS waterproofing membrane, high polymer modified asphalt waterproofing membrane, etc. The polymer waterproofing membrane has CPS waterproofing membrane, DTM waterproofing membrane, polyethylene polypropylene waterproofing membrane and the like. When the waterproof membrane is stored or transported, it should be classified and stored. The storage height should not be too high, and it should not be exposed to the sun and rain. The storage temperature should not be too high. When transported by ship or train, the material should be placed up to two levels.

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